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Content digitised and distributed by Talk Irish. For more Irish Language lessons and free resources visit www.talkirish.com.

Based on recordings of Buntús Cainte material © (p) Gael Linn, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Bunaithe ar ábhar taifeadta de Buntús Cainte © (p) Gael Linn, 2010. Gach ceart ar cosaint.


released December 12, 2012

Tomás Ó Domhnalláin



all rights reserved
Track Name: Lesson 61

bí --- be (gives an order to one person)
bígí --- be (gives an order to more than one person)
ná bí --- don't be (one person)
ná bígí --- don't be (more than one person)

dána --- bold
ciúin --- quiet

Ná bí dána anois. --- Don’t be bold now. (one person)
Ná bígí dána anois. --- Don’t be bold now. (more than one person)
Ná bí i bhfad anois. --- Don’t be long now. (one person)
Ná bígí i bhfad anois. --- Don’t be long now. (more than one person)
Ná bí ag troid anois. --- Don’t be fighting now. (one person)
Ná bígí ag troid anois. --- Don’t be fighting now. (more than one person)

Bígí ciúin anois, a leanaí. --- Be quiet now, children.
Bí go maith anois, a Sheáin. --- Be good now, Seán.
Ná bí ag caint ag an mbéile. --- Don't be talking during the meal.
Bígí ar ais go luath anois. --- Be back early now.
Bígí ag imeacht anois. --- Be off with you now.
Bígí anseo ar a dó a chlog. --- Be here at two o'clock.

libh --- with you (more than one person)
cártaí --- cards
ar mhaith libh ? --- would you like?
cluiche cártaí --- a game of cards
tabhair amach iad --- deal them

Nóra suggests a game of cards for the children.

NÓRA Ar mhaith libh cluiche cártaí a imirt, a leanái?
MÁIRE Ba mhaith, cinnte. Faigh thusa ná cártaí, a Sheáin.
SEÁN Faigh féin iad.
NÓRA Ná habair go bhfuil sibh ag troid! Bígí go maith anois.
MÁIRE Níl a fhios agam cá bhfuil siad. Ni fhaca mé le tamall iad.
SEÁN Is dóigh liom go bhfaca mé thuas anseo iad. Seo iad.
MÁIRE An bhfuair tú iad? Maith thú. Tabhair amach mar sin iad.

NÓRA Would you like to play a game of cards, children ?
MÁIRE Yes, indeed. You get the cards, Seán.
SEÁN Get them yourself.
NÓRA Don't say you're fighting! Be good now.
MÁIRE I don't know where they are. I didn't see them for a while.
SEÁN I think I saw them up here. Here they are.
MÁIRE Did you get them? Good. Deal them, so.