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Content digitised and distributed by Talk Irish. For more Irish Language lessons and free resources visit www.talkirish.com.

Based on recordings of Buntús Cainte material © (p) Gael Linn, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Bunaithe ar ábhar taifeadta de Buntús Cainte © (p) Gael Linn, 2010. Gach ceart ar cosaint.


released May 8, 2010

Tomás Ó Domhnalláin



all rights reserved
Track Name: Lesson 01

tá sé --- it is

fuar --- cold
te --- hot, warm
fliuch --- wet
tirim --- dry
dorcha --- dark
geal --- bright

Tá sé fuar. --- It is cold.
Tá sé te. --- It is hot, warm.
Tá sé fliuch. --- It is wet.
Tá sé tirim. --- It is dry.
Tá sé dorcha. --- It is dark.
Tá sé geal. --- It is bright.

Tá sé an-fhuar. --- It is very cold.
Tá sé an-te. --- It is very warm.
Tá sé an-fhliuch. --- It is very wet.
Tá sé an-tirim. --- It is very dry.
Tá sé an-dorcha. --- It is very dark.
Tá sé an-gheal. --- It is very bright.

Dia --- God
Dia duit --- Good day
ach --- but
Dia’s Muire duit --- reply to Dia duit
a Cháit --- (said when addressing) Cáit
Buíochas le Dia --- thank God
a Nóra --- (said when addressing) Nóra

Nóra speaks to Cáit on entering the shop.

NÓRA Dia duit, a Cháit.
CÁIT Dia’s Muire duit, a Nóra.
NÓRA Tá sé fuar.
CÁIT Tá sé an-fhuar, ach tá sé tirim.
NÓRA Tá sé tirim, buíochas le Dia

NÓRA Good day, Cáit
CÁIT Good day, Nóra
NÓRA It’s cold.
CÁIT It’s very cold, but it’s dry.
NÓRA It is dry, thank God.